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How Can You Drive Member Revenue? - A conversation with Mary Cornfield, CEO of Capitan Software

As a 25 year veteran of running climbing gyms, I have an awful lot of experience with climbing gym software. The hacks, the problems. The growth and the associated growing pains. I've also got a lot of experience with member revenue growth and strategies to do so. I just wrapped up a 3 part blog series on it. Here is part one, two, and three.

As a follow-on, I wanted to have a conversation with my good friend Mary Cornfield, CEO and Co-Founder of Capitan Software. If you've been following along, you know Capitan is one of the only two existing climbing gym management softwares I even recommend.

So I wanted to get Mary's take on member revenue. How to think about it from the member experience all the way to how to leverage Capitan to help.

In the conversation we cover some of the following:

  • First visit experience - what are people thinking and what should climbing gym operators deliver?

  • The fact that Gavin has never been golfing

  • How engage members and non-members

  • And more!

Watch below to learn more about growing your member revenue.

Don't just open your doors and hope for the best. Leverage good service, a deliberate customer experience, and good sales tactics to own your revenue instead of letting it own you

Rise Above Consulting has decades of experience managing revenue, growing membership and leveraging CRMs and other software to make it easier. Reach out to learn how we can help


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